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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Flower Handbags

New item! These are a perfect gift for a young girl who loves to have their own handbag, or even for women that need just a small handbag for themselves. It is completely up to you on what flower bow you would like with your choice of the three different colored handbags. Any child would love this fashionable bag to carry around with them!

  • Handbag with any choice of flower is only $12.00.


  • Medium black and red rose bow attached to black, white, and red handbag. $12.00

  • Medium black rose flower attached to a black and white handbag. $12.00

  • Large brown and black rose flower attached to grey, black, and white handbag. $12.00

Monday, November 30, 2009

Fall Flower Bows

These are a part of the new flower bows that are being made. They are interchangeable with crochet beanies, crochet headbands, ponytails, and pigtails. Below are a few examples of interchanging them.

  • Large fall flower bows are only $5.00/each.

  • Medium fall flower bows are only $4.50/each.

  • Small fall flower bows are only $4.00/each.

  • Medium black rose flower bow with black and white button checkered as center, with black and silver ribbon, attached to grey kufi cap. $17.50

  • Large pink and brown rose flower bow attached to 1" hot pink crochet headband. $7.00

  • Large green peony flower bow attached to 1" brown crochet headband. $7.00

  • Large rustic orange flower bow attached to 1" brown crochet headband. $7.00

  • Large orange and brown rose flower bow attached to 1" brown crochet headband. $7.00

  • Large brown and black rose flower bow attached to a 3" black crochet headband. $8.00

Buy bows here (buy headbands & kufi caps below):



Center (jewel/button)

Buy crochet headbands here:


Buy kufi caps here:


Valentine Flower Bows

Valentine Flower Bows are perfect for the month of February. They are very festive! They can be attached to ponytails, crochet headbands, or beanies. They are attached to an alligator clip.

  • Large Valentine flower bows are only $5.00/each.
  • Medium Valentine flower bows are only $4.50/each.
  • Small Valentine flower bows are only $4.00/each.

  • Large Valentine rose flower bow. Jewel in the center. Attached to a 1" red crochet headband. $7.00

  • Medium Valentine flower bow attached to red kufi cap. $16.50.

  • Medium Valentine flower bow attached to 1" red crochet headband. $6.50

Buy flower bows here (buy headbands and kufi caps below separately):

Colors & Description
Center (jewel/button)

Buy Kufi caps here:


Buy crochet headbands here:


Monday, November 23, 2009

Christmas flower bows

These are a few of our Christmas holiday bows. We have a wide assortment that go great for all occasions during the Christmas season. Buy bows separately and attach to any beanie, cap, or headband of your choice.

  • Small Christmas bows are only $4.00/each
  • Medium Christmas bows are only $4.50/each
  • Large Christmas bows are only $5.00/each

  • Large red peony flower bow attached to white small kufi cap. $17.00

  • White & silver flower pair bows with red center. $6.00

  • Large maroon and cream flower bow. $5.00

  • Large cherry red flower bow. $5.00

  • Medium deep maroon & gold flower bow attached to 1" white crochet headband. $6.50

  • Medium red and white flower bow with red square button center attached to a 1" white crochet headband. $6.50.

  • Red bell bow attached to a 1" red crochet headband. $7.00

  • Red, white, and green confetti bow attached to a red kufi cap. $17.00

  • Large deep red flower bow attached to a maroon crochet beanie. $13.00.

  • Medium red & white fluffy bow attached to a 1" red crochet headband. $6.50.

  • Large white and red flower bow attached to red kufi cap. $17.00.

    Buy Christmas bows here (buy headbands or kufi caps below):

    Colors & Description
    Center (jewel/button)

    Buy crochet headbands here:


    Buy Kufi caps here:


Friday, November 6, 2009

Back up & Running

I am now taking orders again! Start getting your holiday accessories today. Thank you for your patience!

Friday, September 18, 2009

On Vacation..

I will not be taking orders until the first of November. Order your holiday bows by just sending me an email with your description and I will get back in touch with you then!
Check back for new anticipiated items!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Baby Boutique '09

Baby Boutique '09

Date: Aug. 29th (Saturday) 2009
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Place: Greene's Residence
1184 W. Millbridge Lane
West Bountiful, Ut 84087

Directions: Take the 500 south exit, head west until you reach 1100 west. Turn right. Watch for the subdivision Millcreek Meadows, it will be on your left. We are the second house of the right. There will be parking in the lot on the east side of the house. Follow the signs and you can't go wrong!

Vendors showcased:

Karlee Dutson - Little Shea's - (hair accessories)
Jen Herem - Jen Herem Photography - (children's photography) The Paper Chandelier - (media materials)
Kristi Judd - Luxy Bow Creations - (hair accessories)
Pascaline Mickens - Craze Designs - (jewelry)
Amity Smales - Scentsy - ( wickless candles)
Nicole Lawrence - Sleepy Mom Designs - (nursery decor and baby clothing)
Mandy Martin - My Simplicity Boutique - (hats & hair accessories)
Diana Andrews - Dlightfully Unique - (hair accessories)
Lindsey Walker - Franco & Leks - (onesies and toddler shirts)
Jan Marriott - Gold Canyon Candles - (candles)
Emily Een - Jems - (jewelry), MADE - (rag quilts, and nursing covers)
Margo Wagstaff - MD Treasures - (personalized engravings on pots and aprons)
Michelle Cude - (cards and memory blocks)
Jessica Naegle - (baby wipe covered cases)
Heidi Weed - (carseat covers & cards)
Cheryl Giles - Midnight Moon Shoppe (scented soaps and lotions)

We will have refreshments and opportunities to win free gifts!
******Forms of payment accepted: cash and check*******

Stop by, shop and dress your children in the newest fashions that your local artists have to offer! We look forward to seeing you there!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Custom orders.

Just a reminder, I love to do custom orders. If there is a specific outfit you want a bow for.. email me!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Adding on to the list..

If any of you know of Creative Arts Academy in Bountiful, it is located inside this studio, but also has a separate entrance. I am really excited to start selling my stuff there!

Dream Dancewear & Gifts
185 South Main Street
Bountiful, UT 84010

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another location!

Interested in buying my product and live out in Draper, Sandy, South or West Jordan? Now being sold at Julian Todd Salon Inc. The address and phone number is:
(801) 571-7086
11613 S State St Draper, UT 84020

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Also being sold at...

Buddy Bin in North Salt Lake. An hourly daycare and preschool. Information is:

395 North Redwood Road
North Salt Lake, Utah

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paper Chandelier GiveAway..

My very talented friend Jen is having a give away on her website and the prize is a new kufi cap with the zebra ribbon. Take a look and enter!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Kufi Cap Combos

The following is a variety of the new kufi caps with a bow or ribbon attached. The caps are interchangeable with any bows, or ribbons, or simply without anything. A variety of colors such as white, red, yellow, black, orange, and hot pink.

  • Kufi caps individually are $12.00/each.

  • Navy blue kufi cap with a large 4th of July bow. $17.00

  • Pink kufi cap with brown and pink striped ribbon weaved through. $13.50

  • Orange kufi cap with large orange and white flower with orange jewel in center. $17.00

  • White kufi cap with large sunflower bow attached. $17.00

  • Yellow kufi cap with yellow vintage flower attached. $17.00

  • Red kufi cap with black ribbon with white dots weaved through it. $13.50

  • Hot pink kufi cap with zebra ribbon weaved through it. $13.50

  • White kufi cap with large brown ribbon bow with flower bow in the center. $17.50
Buy your kufi cap here (buy bow or ribbon below):


Buy ribbon here:


Buy flower bows here:

Colors & Description
Center (jewel/button)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Now sold at..

I'm excited to announce that my boutique items will also be sold at:

Expressions Dance

Click on the link above to look at information on this studio.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kufi Caps Restocked!!

The very trendy Kufi Cap is now in at the Boutique in more colors than pink. Get them while they are in! They look great with ribbon, bows, or simply by itself.
Kufi caps are $12.00/each.


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